Death figures

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Death Figures contains interesting items that I think of. It is a masterpiece based on the thinking of different dimensions. I have thought about the elements of Death Figures for a long time, but I still intend to focus on black and white blocks. I don't intend to show off my skills in this test, I only intend to describe profound thoughts in a plain form. The basic unit of graphics is pixel. You can also think of these black and white blocks as pixels and think like pixels. Death Figures require a high level of imagination, and it is not too much to call it the limit of human imagination. People with high scores tend to be creative and more likely to produce original results.

Rules (Both Paypal and Alipav)

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AttachmentGovernment ID card/Licence/Passport(photocopy/scan)Answers ALL your previous IQ scores Payment screenshot

Fee70CNY/12USD/10EUR, and BTC supporter will receive scores in ONE day.

lf your score on this test is 0,1 will refund half of the fee.Free before December 31, 2021.

TipsEach part of the items have a common part of the logic

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