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Numerus,Ivan Ivec,29/30,IQ>190,SD15

N-World,Mahir Wu,48/48,IQ>190,SD15

Death Numbers,Mahir Wu,23.5/30,IQ190,SD15

Numerus Classic,Ivan Ivec,36/36,IQ>185,SD15

LSHR Light,Ivan Ivec,24/30,IQ172,SD15

D&L&P is a comprehensive test which are rich in profound philosophical thinking through the elements of d&l&p. People with high scores may be gifted in science, and the smarter they are. The main difficulty of the test focuses on the logic implied in the d&l&p, after finding out the meanings they hide, the test is no more difficult for you. I hope you can enjoy this test, maybe you'll be inspired.

Payment:① (Both Paypal and Alipay)
② 16JQ83DYQWu5VCtqtfkkxjTCz32wwE3K6p (BTC wallet)
Attachment:① Government ID card/Licence/Passport(photocopy/scan) ② Answers ③ ALL your previous IQ scores ④ Payment screenshot
Fee:Before 2021, free of charge.In 2021,Starting with ¥50CNY,and 20 CNY was added for every 10 samples,up to 150CNY at most.You can also exchange CNY for equivalent USD or
BTC,and BTC supporter will receive scores in ONE day.

You can find a norm here: DLP Preliminary Norm

Tips:① Obey the rules ② Have fun
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