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About author: Member in Esoteriq Society, Nano Society, GIGA Society, CathoLIQ, Venus High I.Q Society, World Genius Registry, Chinese Genius Directory Honorary member in Sidis Society Abstract: D&L&P is a comprehensive test which are rich in profound philosophical thinking through the elements of d&l&p. People with high scores may be gifted in science, and the smarter they are. The main difficulty of the test focuses on the logic implied in the d&l&p, after finding out the meanings they hide, the test is no more difficult for you. I hope you can enjoy this test, maybe you'll be inspired. Accepted by Catholiq, GIGA Society, Chinese Genius Directory etc.
Rules: Payment:① (Both Paypal and Alipay) ② Tianxiyu.eth (ENS address) Attachment:① Government ID card/Licence/Passport(photocopy/scan) ② Answers ③ ALL your previous IQ scores ④ Payment screenshot Fee:Before 2021, free of charge.In 2021,Starting with ¥50CNY,and 20 CNY was added for every year,up to 150CNY at most.You can also exchange CNY for equivalent USD or BTC/ETH,and BTC/ETH supporter will receive scores in ONE day.

You can find a norm here: DLP Preliminary Norm

Tips:① Obey the rules ② Have fun
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